mottshaw farm annual report

Do I need to do an annual report for my business?

Annual report projects are one of my favorites because it is a chance to tell your story and share accomplishments. Yes, annual reports can be a useful resource for your company:

MARKETING TOOL. Annual reports can be used to tell your story, to share your story with sponsors, partners and clients (as well as potential clients). Reports can be a means of reporting on your organization’s accomplishments over the year and how these have benefited members or communities.

FINANCIAL REPORTING. This is an opportunity for financial transparency (financial reporting), disclosure on what was done with funds, why specific projects were chosen, and the impact projects had on the community you’re serving.

FUNDRAISING. Reports can be used as a fundraising tool to build relationships and tell stories about the organization’s work.

The great thing about annual reports is that they come in all shapes and sizes. This is the chance to get creative. Reports can be web-based (presented as pages on an organization’s web site) or printed.

Sometimes you want to have something printed to enable you to distribute at events (e.g., annual meetings) or as part of your networking.

I recently created an annual report that can be used in multiple ways: as a report AND a display poster. This can be an interesting approach for nonprofit and community organizations that want to share their stories with the public.

As a poster, this annual report can be framed and displayed indoors or outdoors. For example, organizations can provide this to program partners to display at their own organizations or at the site of a project (e.g., community gardens).

Mottshaw Farm Annual Report

As the annual report poster is folded up, it becomes a report that can be shared at an annual meeting, networking events, etc.

Annual reports are large projects and do take some preparation.

Is it time for your company’s annual report? Let’s talk.