Paula Mottshaw Communications & Design Keeping it simply simple

Providing clients with top notch marketing & communications support for their projects

Specializing in graphic design and website design (yes, a graphic designer who knows code)

Visit my portfolio page to take a look at some of my work, and the info page for me information about me.


PortfolioVisit my portfolio page to view some of my most recent work. My work samples include marketing collateral, annual reports, web site design and other projects. In addition to design, I assist with writing/editing process and photography direction.

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Marketing Rambles is a quick read that will give you ideas related to marketing & communications that you can implement in your business. Your email address is safe with me and will not be shared with anyone. 

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Keeping It Simple - that's my motto. I strive to keep my work process with clients streamlined and simple. I use a  conversational approach to gather information and create a plan to work towards successful completion of your project. 

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